Welcome to my website! I am so happy you are visiting. I am the author of the Marcy Mary books. There are two books available now and a third in progress. I am also adapting the books for the under-twelve audience.

You may be interested in knowing how the Marcy Mary books came into being. I was an aspiring writer in college, but one day I realized that I needed to be practical, so I switched majors to nursing. I enjoyed my career in public health nursing where, incidentally, I was constantly writing. But writing professional articles, curricula, and case studies was a far cry from the creative writing that fed my soul.

A lot of living went on between my first job as a district public health nurse and retirement. During that time, my husband and I saw our three children—Heather, Jennifer, and Christopher—marry. Our six grandsons and two granddaughters were born. We bought a cabin at Lake Tahoe, and life seemed to fly by.

And then I retired. I still remember sitting at my PC and thinking, I can write anything I want. After a few unsuccessful attempts at some pretty dark stuff that definitely was not giving me joy, I looked into my heart and what I saw there was a feisty, intelligent, articulate dachshund.  Marcy Mary was born. 

I hope you enjoy Marcy Mary as much as I have writing about her. Frankly, I never know what she is going to do or, more to the point, say.  Right now, she’s telling me to let you know that she would love to hear from you! She also wants you to know that she is beautiful and that it is time to get back to our new story set in the Coachella Valley. And so I guess it is. But before we go, we both wish you happy reading, new friends!