Marcy Mary: The Memoirs of a Daschund-American Princess

Destined to follow in the paw-steps of her best-in-show mother, Marcy Mary is accidentally abandoned in a snowy forest. Rescued from the road, she is given over to a family of “two-leggeds,” the Anthonys. Marcy Mary soon learns that her new pack lacks her gift for two-way communication (after all, she understands their every word).

Someone of lesser breeding would collapse under the stress, but Marcy Mary’s exceptional qualities come through even as a young puppy. A canine of contradictions, Marcy Mary is earthy yet spiritual, witty but wise, a gourmand who is an opportunistic diner. Above all she is a keen observer of the world she shares with her family and friends. And she never forgets the wisdom and grace of the Creator who watches all creatures.

Marcy Mary’s Memoirs: A Dachshund Princess Shows the Way

Life is fairly predictable for Marcy Mary as she continues to manage the Anthony household, keeping all two- and four-legged creatures in line. Protecting the household borders from marauders, taking walks in the Santa Monica Mountains Park (where she meets domesticated and wild friends), and a special tidbit in her dinner bowl is about as spicy as things get.

But life is about to heat up as Marcy Mary meets the formidable Aunt Bertha, “the last one in her generation.” This iron lady thinks dachshunds are “nasty, distorted creatures.” The Anthony family defends their beloved companion, but is thrown into chaos by Aunt Bertha’s autocratic ways, demands, and brusque manner.

Just as life begins to settle back down, however, Marcy Mary discovers another complex problem, and it takes the entire Anthony family, including Aunt Bertha, to solve this multifaceted challenge. Marcy Mary leads the way as lessons are learned, prejudices are confronted, and former companions are reunited—both canine and human—thanks to prayer and the hand of fate.