New Friends: A Post by Marcy Mary

Hello, friends! I know you have been waiting for me to write a blog. Well, the wait is over. Here I am as gorgeous, intelligent, and modest as ever! And I am very excited to tell you about my new friends …

I was resting in my forest-green bed with the coordinating Black Watch plaid blanket when the doorbell rang, and there on the threshold were two dachshunds. Miss Kirby-QT-Pie is an adorable piebald chocolate-and-tan mini, and Mister Schnitzel is a very handsome chocolate-and-tan male. He is a tweenie, just like me. Behind them were Lois and Luis, their human companions.

We had such a wonderful evening! I showed my new dachshund friends the entire house, and we had a lot of fun hunting for little morsels of food left behind by the humans. Lucky for us, my humans are really sloppy eaters. I won’t tell you what we found under the dining room table, but it was delish! I don’t know how I had missed it! We left the disgusting peas that Joey had been trying to slip me during dinner. I keep telling Joey the only green thing I eat is grass touched by the morning dew. My new friends agreed.

After cleaning up the kitchen, we joined the humans. Lois and Luis had brought excellent treats, so we nibbled, played, and chatted for a while. Then Kirby, who is only 2, got tired and curled up in Lois’s lap for a snooze.

Mr. Schnitzel and I continued our conversation. He wanted to know what it was like to be a famous author and if my stories were true.  I looked at him with my lovely brown eyes with the golden flecks and admitted that an author must have some discretionary artistic license. I then assured Mr. Schnitzel that the stories are essentially true, especially the parts that describe all my excellent attributes.

Then I said, “But let’s talk about you. I understand you are quite an athlete.” Mr. Schnitzel is a celebrity too. He has won trophies and medals. He told me about chasing balls with his puppy sibling, and that had led to his incredible agility. As we talked, I couldn’t help but notice his warm chocolate eyes and how physically fit he was. 

If you are a human, are you rolling your eyes? Well, humans admire athletes, so I think it is only natural that I admire this amazing dachshund. Not only that, but I’m thinking of putting Mr. Schnitzel in my next book. What do you think of that? Well, we will just have to see …

4 thoughts on “New Friends: A Post by Marcy Mary

      1. Hi Phyllis, Thanks for the comment. I believe Mr Schnitzel is very special and I think we will see him again. ❤️🐾MM

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