One Way to Help: Make a Mask

There are many ways to reach out to our communities or individuals at this time. But have you ever done a “good work” and felt like you were being blessed in the doing? That’s how I felt as I finished up my twentieth mask for the hospital staff at our local medical centers. 

I’m not the only one making these masks. Our church quilting group is hard at it, and others in Ventura County are working to get 3,500 masks before the surge hits. We are almost halfway to our goal. One hard thing is that we could make the masks assembly line fashion, gathered together, and have camaraderie (and cookies) in the process. But even working solo, we have shared long texts, and today I was privileged to make our first delivery of 120 sewn masks!

In case you happen to be handy with a sewing machine, I’m including a few patterns and videos. But whatever you do, I know you will be blessed ♥️🦋

Be sure to call your local hospital to make sure they can accept and/or need masks made by the public before you get started!

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