Searching For Distraction

I’ll be honest here: I’m ready to leave the planet—at least until after the election—so I am purposefully searching for distraction

Last evening, our neighbor Dave asked John if he was scared. It seems that Dave turns on the news when arising and goes to bed with it. John suggested accompanying this diet with wine. I suggested that Dave turn off all the media feeds in his house and go outside. Yesterday was a glorious day—not a cloud in the sky, a light breeze from the sea, and a high temperature of 78F. It was a day that drew us out into Santa Monica Park, and nature did not disappoint us. The only chatter was of birds, small animals, and distant yipping coyotes.  

I admit it is tinder-dry on the trail, but there are spots where unseen water feeds a few blooming plants. At one of these, a brilliant green Anna’s hummingbird fed from a small bush covered with brilliant red blooms. As we walked deeper into the park, a cheeky cottontail rabbit looked at me and wiggled its behind before hopping into the brush. Against the yellow-gray of the landscape, a flicker flashed it’s brilliant orange underwings, and that was a treat. I have never seen a flicker in SoCal. I then spotted a kite suspended in the air, a common bird until the fire that swept through here two years ago.

Back at home, the canine welcoming committee greeted us like we were long-lost relatives. We had lunch and tended to the puppies, read awhile, and had a short nap.

Then it seemed like a good idea to go to the gym. And it was … as long as you did not look at the bank of televisions on the east wall that were tuned in to network news shows. As I made the circuit of the weight machines, the televisions on the south wall had cooking and home shows—pleasant, mind-numbing diversion. 

Workout done, we headed to Trader Joe’s, where we bought all manner of fattening things. These days deserve a little gustatory pleasure.

After the puppies helped us put the groceries away, there was a period of time where our devices glistened in the fading sunlight, so I popped open my iPad, and here was instant distraction. The Dodgers, whom I have never followed, were playing in the World Series. Although I’m not into baseball, I was caught up in the game. Great joy followed as the Dodgers clinched the title. 

am into basketball, though, and I thought, Wow! Two national titles for we SoCal folk. In a normal year, this would be extraordinary. The Lakers NBA champions, and the Dodgers World Series champions. Imagine that!

We then had dinner and watched a little television—definitely not the news—with the puppies, and then it was bedtime. This day was a piece of cake. Only two more to go …

2 thoughts on “Searching For Distraction

  1. Kathleen, I can totally relate! Your advice was spot on. We are doing the same and I know of others who are also. Why does the news have to be sooooo negative. It’s interesting that this is not new to politics. Lee is reading a book that rates all presidents. Andrew Jackson,s opponent called Andrew,s mother a prostitute and his wife adulterous😬. Miss you at our study. ❤️ Diana

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