In a Nostalgic Frame of Mind

I was just sent a 55-year-old photo of John’s sister Ginny and her husband, Bill. The black-and-white photo shows a smiling movie-star-handsome young couple.

Looking at this photo put me in a nostalgic mood, and I became acutely aware of the passage of time. Outside, these feelings seemed mirrored in the midfall landscape. Deciduous trees are now beginning to show their limbs. The remaining leaves are stirring in a light breeze as if waving goodbye to the giddy seasons of spring and summer before they fall to the earth. Today, the haze of early morning fog softens the landscape. 

On our office desk are photos of creatures, both past and present, that have graced our lives. Sometimes, on a day like today, bright memories can lighten my mood and I can almost hear a familiar meow or bark. I remember Kotty, our gargoyle Siamese cat, who greeted visitors from the rooftop, startling quite a few with her raspy greeting as she glared down over the eaves. Or Rex, our Maine coon cat, who “altered” our daughter’s wedding dress. What feline could resist that delicious cream satin? Fortunately, we had a miracle-working iron that erased dozens of tiny holes, so disaster was averted.

Early in the day, I was thanking God for those who love us, including those who have passed. Sometimes, a loved one feels so close. One day, they will welcome us to a place with no sadness and no wrinkles. Imagine that! I think of cherished relatives, close friends, and of course, those four-legged beings who give us such joy and companionship. Yes, hearts will be mended, tears will no longer be shed, and peace and wholeness will abound in all of nature. 

As the year draws to a close and the earth becomes dormant, thoughts of renewal and spring are just a breath away. The apricot leaves are falling now, but in a few months, snowy blossoms will appear, followed by sun-blushed fat, golden, juice-filled apricots that taste like Heaven itself. Today, I am soaking in the essence of the passing years, immersed in these nostalgic photos and fond memories, but in the back of my mind is the springtime of reunion. And what a grand reunion that will be, with the creatures dancing at the forefront of the welcoming party!

Addendum: The James orchid, given to us when our grandson passed in February of 2020, has what I thought was the last blossom on the original stems. I just noticed another stem starting below this fading bloom, and so I’m reminded once again that nature gives us hope and points the way.

3 thoughts on “In a Nostalgic Frame of Mind

  1. Wow Kathleen, such a beautifully written, poignant blog post! It has filled my heart with a sweet melancholy; an emotion I usually feel this time of year and “enjoy”.

    Thinking of you, John and your loved ones—current and past—with lots of love!


    1. Hi Deb,

      Thank you for your beautiful words. There is something about fall that inspires reflection for me as well. It is my favorite season.

      I hope things are going well for you, Pete and your furry companions. I think of you enjoying the changing seasons in gorgeous PA. May your life be abundantly blessed.

      Love, K

      On Sun, Nov 7, 2021 at 4:24 AM Kathleen Chamberlin wrote:



  2. You have given me a desire to carve out some time for reflection. God has blessed us with such beautiful and precious people in our lives – past and present. Thanking God is such a good thing to do, especially at this time of year.


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