Have a Nice Day!

It was one of those weeks. It started with the pool sweep spewing water all over the deck, which delighted the dogs since it was something new to chase. Next came strange-winged insects that, despite some good old-fashioned denial, did turn out to be termites. And then the clothes dryer refused to dry clothes. 

You know the old saying: “Bad things always come in threes.” Well, I heard it a lot because we all know that trouble shared is trouble halved and this was the response I inevitably received. I have wondered from time to time why it is that negative things always come in threes. Maybe if we put a three limit on trouble, we can move on with confidence. But what if only two things have happened? Do we have to wait for a third shoe to drop?

Why can’t good things come in threes? I remember getting three job offers in one week. Wouldn’t that count? I guess good things have more weight and can stand alone. 

We move through our lives with these aphorisms, trying to make sense of and control our world. What about this threesome: the war in Ukraine, the pandemic, and inflation. Frankly, I don’t think I could handle a fourth of this magnitude. 

There are other things we do to lighten our load. Don’t we all look forward to cracking open our fortune cookies at the end of a Chinese meal? I have one taped to my Mac: “Your life will be happy and peaceful.” Well, sometimes . . . But my very favorite Chinese cookie fortune is “You are doomed to a long and happy marriage.” Part of that is true.

Do you still wish upon the first star? I have to admit, I do. By the time I decide what I want to wish for, several other stars have popped out. I wonder if that nullifies the wish . . . I don’t know because as soon as I make the wish, I immediately forget it. Doesn’t matter. First star appears, here comes the wish.

What about blowing out the candles on your birthday cake? You know you make a wish. While everyone is singing the birthday song—a song that will now be forever tied to washing my hands—my mind is on overdrive. I mean, this moment only comes once a year. So should I wish for something noble, like a cure for dandruff, or ten million dollars? File that under “Be careful for what you wish for. “

Enough musing for one day. It is a gorgeous spring day, and life is good. Well, that depends on if your champagne glass is half-empty or half-full, I suppose.

By the way, the iron had a terminal event on Sunday, so that’s event number four. But the termites were limited to a few treatable spots, the pool sweep is working after being taken apart and reassembled, and the dryer is repaired, so I better get on the 25 loads of laundry waiting for me.

Have a nice day! 😊

One thought on “Have a Nice Day!

  1. This was a laugh out loud blog! I love your positive outlook…3 good things happen too, and bad things aren’t always terrible. 😊


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