Back from Vacation . . . Sort of

Our two weeks in Kaua’i was one of the most deeply satisfying vacations we have had in years. I’m still reeling from re-entry into our normal lives. I would liken it to leaving paradise and stepping into . . . what? Real life, I guess. All this to say this blog will be short, but I would like to share some photographic highlights of our trip with you. Aloha!

3 thoughts on “Back from Vacation . . . Sort of

  1. Kathleen, I am so glad you had a wonderful vacation on Kaua’i!

    Pete and I loved Kaua’i when we visited there. Loved the Waimea Canyon hike we took and the greater quiet of the island. Your pics bring back great memories.

    We are back at our PA house. Life has been good to us. Other than losing our beloved Bebe in Feb.

    Stay well!


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