In the Meantime . . .

This week we went to the Central Coast for a few days, and while it was relaxing, there was a cloud shadowing this getaway, much like the foggy mornings. While we were there, John’s ankle really started to bother him, so while he rested, I went out and shot some photos of this beautiful part of California.

We have since discovered that John has a torn Achille’s tendon. An MRI is in the works, followed by another appointment with the orthopedist. We are grateful John has been seen and a treatment plan is in the works.

Unfortunately, time to write and polish a blog isn’t in the works this week, so instead I’m sharing some of my photos. Enjoy!   


4 thoughts on “In the Meantime . . .

  1. Beautiful photos. Great to see you and john Saturday. Been too long. We’ll keep john in our prayers. Glad he’s Getty good care. ❤️🙏🏻


  2. Kathleen the pictures were picture perfect! 🤗😊❤️
    I feel like I just took our trip up the coast like we use to… thanks so much!


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