A Word . . .

As more of our world is opening up, my calendar is filling up. And I am so enjoying being with family and friends, and also enjoying community venues. We are also busy relandscaping part of our yard, a fun project that includes a new fence that is taking longer to build than the Great Wall of China. Also on the calendar are medical and business appointments—not so much fun, but still a sign that life is expanding beyond our home.

So once again, we are busy, and time to write and time to contemplate on what to write is becoming shorter in supply. I am also determined to finally finish Marcy Mary III. The characters have started to dog me—pardon the pun—and I’m eager to jump back into the story.

All of this to let you know, dear readers, that blogs may be sporadic. First priority will be the novel, but I never know when the mood will strike to write a blog. Thank you all for your support these past eighteen months, and I promise I will keep in touch. In the meantime, may peace, beauty, and good health be yours. 

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