Vacation and Vaccination

Well, it seems I just cannot stay away from you people. Last week, we went to the central coast for a few days, and I kept saying to myself, I have to share this on my blog. So this will be a short one with mostly photos and some thoughts about vacationing post-vaccination.

The biggest surprise was the number of folks out traveling. Cold and gloomy weather was also unexpected. So after being isolated for months, we were now surrounded by other unmasked people of a certain age. The six-feet distance in eating and drinking venues was no longer in effect unless you were outside. Which was a little crazy. And guess what? I am completely uncomfortable being close—less than 6 feet apart—to strangers. Maybe if they had “I’ve been vaccinated” tattooed on their foreheads, I would not have been so squeamish. 

One evening we met Bill and Veronika, who are great friends, as well as vaccinated relatives. We had decided to have a pre-dinner glass of wine in the bar at our hotel. When we arrived, the couches and chairs were occupied by seniors screeching at each other over the very loud live music. (Have you ever noticed that what some musicians lack in talent they make up for in volume?) Luckily, we found four seats, which brought me in close proximity to an unknown gentleman. We nodded at each other and exchanged a few unintelligible words. As we both turned away, in our mutual line of vision a man rose from a couch, exposing four inches of gluteal fold above some sagging grayish jockey shorts. I could feel my eyebrows shoot up to my hairline as I turned to my new friend.

He looked at me and said something, but the only word I caught was “crack.” I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I know!” I mean, what else can you say to a stranger after being mutually mooned in a crowded bar during a pandemic? 

About that time, John suggested we have a glass of wine in our room. As I got up to leave, my new friend leaned in close and added, “Don’t get vaccinated.” Words escaped me, and that does not happen very often.

We did end up having a delightful dinner with Bill and Veronika, with lots of laughter and delicious food. Tasting wine at Laetitia Winery was heavenly—and the only time we saw the sun. And nature did put on a display for us as we hiked the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. It was good to be away but better to come home, where my Mac is on the desk and there are only two people and two canines roaming around. And we even had our own nature display with a bluebird family in residence for the first time and the orioles back in the ’hood—a lovely welcome home!

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