The Blog Is Changing . . .

I started this blog in September 2019. Originally, it was meant to be an extension of my Marcy Mary novels, but then 2020 arrived and life was turned upside down.

Just before we realized COVID-19 was an epidemic not seen in modern times, we lost our precious grandson James in an accident. A few weeks later, we were all plunged into lockdown and the world became very dark indeed. Through the ups and downs since then, I have felt such support from you, my readers. While walking through the twilight of loss—of loved ones, lighthearted laughter, a full life, and all my people—I realized I wasn’t alone. We walked together, and you became an extension of my people.

As the seasons change, so do we—shaped by events, health, circumstances, and new interests. While I have loved writing this blog, I am feeling the need to try something new. I would like the freedom to write larger pieces, possibly a short story or a group of writings, maybe even a serialized book. In that regard, Marcy Mary has been tapping her royal toenails, and you know I love writing about nature and spiritual experiences. I’m hoping to publish on this site, if possible. I may even throw in a blog or two, but I will not be posting on any schedule. 

I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on this new venture. So if you want to be included, do nothing. If this does not interest you, you can simply stop following the blog. 

I do want to thank Angela Wade, my editor. She has found extra photos to highlight the blog, edited the content, posted it creatively, and told me when something was not working. I am very grateful to Angela for her skill, honesty, and support—and ecstatic that she will continue to edit my work. 

Of course, I am more than appreciative to all of you who have read and responded to the blog over the past years. It is hard to feel like you are writing in a void, and your comments have helped light my path. Marcy Mary thanks you, as well. In the future, if you wish to communicate with me, you can respond to any blog on the website, and I promise I will write back.

And so, my friends, I’m hoping we will be meeting again here. In the meantime, may your lives be blessed with peace, love, good health, and happy surprises.

6 thoughts on “The Blog Is Changing . . .

  1. Well we can discuss this in OR😇🍷We have a great story or tragedy for you.  Sent from Garberville,can😝🤑

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  2. Thank you for your blogs who always seemed to cultivate a thankful attitude. Even in the darkest of times, you saw beauty. I have looked forward to reading your blogs each week, and I will
    Loss the consistency. However, I am very excited to read your short story or next episode of Marcy Mary! God speed and much love ❤️


  3. Kathleen, I love your blogs and actually everything you’ve written. You have a voice that is special and especially of the one and only you. It is very exciting to see how God is leading you. Trust and seek. God bless your journey. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! ❤️ Love, Toni


  4. I wish you well in whatever new venture you choose, and may you continue to experience light and love in your life. Thank you for sharing with us!


  5. Kathleen, I meant to reply to your last blog post last weekend after reading it but then got busy. Being that this is Sunday, I was reminded about that when I had the brief thought of wanting to open up my iphone to read today’s blog post with my breakfast only to then recall there will likely be no more of them. And then I remembered I hadn’t reached out yet.

    What I want to tell you is that I have always enjoyed reading what you have written and will look forward to any writing you do and share with your fans! Short stories would be wonderful, as well as essays about nature, dogs, and spiritual experiences—all of it!

    I am going to forward to you an op ed that ran in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, written by my sister-in-law Meredith, who is a novelist. I thought you’d appreciate it.

    Sending love, dear friend! I was glad we spoke recently and I feel so relieved to have heard that things have been going much better for you!



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