The Weather: We’re in it Together

I have been thinking about the weather a lot lately. Not just here but around the globe. Lives are disrupted and some lost due to heat domes, floods, droughts and resulting wildfires. The weather has changed from being a conversation filler to the main topic. Most of us have been affected one way or another by a changing climate.

In our little valley, apart from a few hot days early on, summer has been mild with frequent fog and our daily ocean breeze. It was so pleasant that as the dog days of summer passed, I started to get antsy. I couldn’t believe that we would escape summer with just a few uncomfortably hot days. My misgivings were prescient. 

When September finally arrived, it was accompanied by a heat dome that lasted 12 days. I have never been in heat like this in terms of length, high heat, and not much overnight cooling. And I grew up in the San Fernando Valley! I was so grateful we have an air conditioner. Some days it never turned off. Because of the drought we only water once a week. Gardens are bone dry and open space has turned an ominous dark brown. Bears, mountain lions, bobcats and other shy wildlife in search of water ventured into neighborhoods.

The heat dome was literally blown away by a tropical storm. Kay brought us three warm and muggy days with light rain. I felt like I was in Kauai. But there was no feeling of aloha. I mean where were the drinks made with luscious tropical fruits, enjoyed by a warm ocean that was filled with amazing colorful fish you can see with a simple mask?

On September 15, Kay left the neighborhood. The thermometer headed south and suddenly autumn was in the air. Today, when I took Ted for a walk a refreshing ocean breeze with just a hint of the sea rustled the drying leaves of deciduous trees. The oaks are dropping their acorns. Liquid amber trees are beginning to change color with individual leaves wearing garments of red, gold and green. Purple and red berries adorn bushes, and a benevolent sun is hanging above mountains that have remnants of morning fog. We will have a cool and foggy night. A good night for sleeping with a dachshund or two and John of course.

But here’s the thing about the weather. It’s more than just a few lines read in a newspaper, checked out on an AP, or heard on a radio. We are immersed in weather with those who surround us. It affects our bodies from achy joints, moodiness, and dehydration, to lying in the sun feeling like your very soul is being warmed. Weather is dramatic, gentle, awe inspiring, violent and capricious. It can make or break an event and it can surprise us. 

While weather affects us, collectively we have the power to affect weather by lessening our carbon footprints.  During the middle of the heat dome the “grid” became stressed. A voluntary request from the State grid operator to cut back on electricity from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. was issued. Otherwise rolling blackouts would occur. Over several days enough Californians complied and there were no blackouts.  I was surprised and proud at the same time. By cutting back a little there was enough electricity for everyone. And we accomplished it together.


Dear Readers,

I want to thank all of you for your kind words about the blog. They were like water for my writer’s thirsty soul. I was overwhelmed that so many of you contacted me. 

In gratitude I pray this adapted Navajo prayer for you today. May your day be blessed from the moment you arise to the time you lie down to rest.

Happily, may you walk,
May it be beautiful before you.
May it be beautiful behind you. 
May it be beautiful above you.
May it be beautiful all around you.
In beauty, it is finished.

2 thoughts on “The Weather: We’re in it Together

  1. Oh my goodness, you’ve put into words the thoughts in our minds and hearts. Thank you for always sharing your observations, insights, thoughts and prayers. Oh those puppies make us smile!! ❤️


  2. No, Thank you Kate. I always look forward to your inspiration and positive approach to life. Hope to cross paths in Palm Desert this season. We head there for November. Home for Christmas in Vancouver. Returning again January 13. Hugs for now


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